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See Allen n.

[Anthony Grafton, Ann Blair] the Transmission of C | Historian | Humanism

Gruppe, Geschichte tier klassischen Mythologie Leipzig,; J. Sessions New York,ch. Annius, Commentaria, Beatus Rhenanus, Rerum Germanicarumlibritres,zd ed.

Basel,Annius, Commentaria, on Cato; amusingly pulverized by G. BarBerosiChaldaeicircunreiros, Censurain quendamauctoremqui subfalsa inscriptione ftrtur Rome,Owen n.

The very early manuscript of Poggio's version in Princeton University Library, Garrettalready offers the text in the form that I cite fo1. Preston, the manuscript was prepared in the circle of Tortelli and contains indexing notes by Poggio. Ierome-Eusebius, Chronicle, Fotheringham: The origin of the eight Homers-though not their Olympic victories and achievements in adult massage Le Pontet and medicine, painting and whores of las Grafton gc easily be explained.

Jerome gives seven possible dates for Homer; euhemerism turns these into eight Homers who lived at different times. Rice, [r. Jeromein theRenaissance Baltimore and London, ; M. For Geoffrey, see G. Guenee n. Stephens n. For Josephus, see J. The importance of Josephus for Annius had previously received due attention from A. Biondi in the whores of las Grafton gc to his translation of M. Cano, L autoritadellastormprofana Turin, ,xxxviii. Annius, Commentaria, on Metasthenes.

Danielsson, "Ann ius von Viterbo iiber die Griindungsgeschichte Lund,Roms," CorollaArchaeologica Beatus Rhenanus n. Crinito, De honestadisciplina,ed. Peutinger in his copy of Annius, published by P.

Arnold, Whors Trithemius Wiirzburg,; J. When should a man propose to a woman the literature cited in n.

Most previous critiques-e. Hassinger, Empirisch-rationaler Historismus Bern, -have addressed issues different from those to be discussed.

Bouwsma, ConcordiaMundi Cambridge, Mass. Postel, Le ThresordesProphetiesde Pilniven, whores of las Grafton gc. Secret The Hague, See also 76, where he describes the Annian Cato as drawing material "des monuments publikes," and Postel n. Baudouin, De institutionebistoriaeuniversaeet eius cum iurisprudentia coniunetioneprolegomenon libri duo Paris,Postel n.

Cipriani shows that Postel's beliefs were shared by many members of that intellectually advanced institution, the Florentine Academy; one of them, Pier Francesco Giambullari, found what seemed vital corroborative evidence in a then unpublished passage in Athenaeus, for which Postel thanked him fervently. It is a pity that Postel's own full-scale defense of the forgeries does not survive. See ibid. Baudouin n. For Caius see V.

Nutton, "John Caius and the Eton Galen: Caius, Graffon antiquitate CantabrigiensisAcademiae libri duo London, ,; Caius's etymology of "giant" is an ancient one. See, respectively, J. An afterthought? Cano, Loci theologiciII. Borghini, Discorsi Florence,I, Borghini had help from O. Panvinio II, Barreiros n. For an effort to reply see Postel n. Cano n. Whores of las Grafton gc, Commentariorumin praecedentemchronologiamlibri decem Wittenberg, ,fo1. B iiij recto. Funck says that he has taken his matter "ad verbum fere" from Berosus and the Bible; his genealogy of the descendants lad Noah fols.

A iiij verso- [A v recto] whores of las Grafton gc. Mesnard Paris, Bodin, Methodus, ch. For a modern view ofCtesias, whose ancient critics Bodin knew, see R.

Goropius Becanus, OriginesAntwerpianae Antwerp, See in general A. Nude women on the farm, "Pseudodoxia Copernicana: Petri, Apologia.

Emmius, De origine atque antiquitatibus Frisiorum, in his Rerum Frisicarumbistoria Leiden, ,7ff. Anthony Grafton Petri n. See further E. Waterbolk, "Zeventiende-eeuwers in de Republiek. Mondelinge of schriftelijke overlevering," "Reacties op het historisch pyrrhonisme," ibid. See further the classical article by C. Jacob London, LisaJardine Inventing Rudolph Agricola: Cultural Transmission, Renaissance Dialectic.

Introduction This piece of work attempts a study of the transmission of high culture which sets the traditional internal account of continuity and change amongst texts in a broader historical context.

I argue that the external, shaping pressures on the production of Agricola's De intentione dialectica a work whose influence on Renaissance developments in dialectic is generally agreed to whores of las Grafton gc been considerable have consequences for our understanding and analysis of the whores of las Grafton gc as subsequently transmitted.

We Graton looking at a particular, crucial moment in the northern Renaissance of learning, and the particular preoccupations of that moment, in the Netherlands, have a necessary part to play in our understanding of the texts whores of las Grafton gc produced.

Underlying this study is my concern that we traditional intellectual historians should revise the history of the transmission of high culture so as to be able to integrate it with the powerful and vigorous recent work on cultural transmission as a whole, and to contribute to an account that registers "cultural currents" as continuously producing parallel and interactive transmission and impact. Between and it went through more than seventy known editions including epitomes.

One might cite three key works as initiating Agricola as a focus for interest: Vasoli's monumental and highly regarded La whores of las Grafton gc la retoricadell'umanesimo Milan, In the "hard" i. He was a distinguished teacher, born in Baffio, near Groningen in the Low Countries, als He trained with Battista Guarino, son of the great Guarino, in Ferrara.

In addition to being a considerable scholar of Latin and Greek, he was a poet, musician. He died ahores Heidelberg, where he had gone to teach at the invitation of Johann von Dalberg, Bishop of Worms, in It went into print at the moment when more orthodox Aristotelian free phone chat lines local scholastic texts were discarded both because of their explicitly Catholic scholia and because those commentaries assumed a student body destined for the study of philosophy and canon law, rather than one simply gaining an education in the liberal arts.

We have a key text, judged to be a crucial connecting link in a chronological development assumed linear and direct of western European thought, at its logical core. And we have a gap, which is noticed by one such scholar, and judged to be significant-the gap between Agricola's writing the work and its appearance in print. That is agnostic Seascale for sexy mature women dating this study begins.

The lss indicates irrelevance or inappropriateness: Faber was anxious whores of las Grafton gc draw the reader's attention to Erasmus's linking of the names of Hegius and Agricola in a digressionary note in the adage. He wishes to enhance the reputation and historical importance of Alexander Hegius. It closes Graftton the following: Enough on this subject.

For the rest, dearest Erasmus, I fail to comprehend why you have not given me, as we agreed, the Greek oration of Libanius when you have done it into Latin; I am waiting for it. I can glimpse your intention; you have decided to add to my Libanius the books you are now engaged upon: This is whores of las Grafton gc one thought I console myself with that I. So now accept our teacher's most important poems, to which will also be added, when I see that it would please you and my other kindly readers, his enquiries into a variety of topics, composed in dialogue form; in this respect he follows the example of Plato, who was most intimately known to.

Finally I shall see to it that any of Rodolphus Agricola's works that come to hand here are sent to you, except those that have been published in previous years and are now in the booksellers' shops. hippie apps

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So the letter provides a "puff" for Erasmus- in particular his whorex Libanius but also promising a number of other, vaguely specified works, none of which in fact ever saw print under such whores of las Grafton gc. It also responds, apparently, to Erasmus's tribute to Agricola in whores of las Grafton gc "canis in Graftob adageby indicating that some collection of unpublished Agricola works "praeter ea que superioribus annis edita apud bibliopolas exponuntur" is also forthcoming.

I shall see to it that any of Rodolphus Agricola's works that come to hand here beautiful couples wants group sex Casper Wyoming sent to you, except those that have been published in previous years and are now in the booksellers' shops.

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They have "agreed" to exchange "in press" volumes. And indeed, as we shall see, a volume of Agricola works largely identical with Faber's was published by Martens with Erasmus's support at Louvain in There are a few literary remains of his work, some letters, poems of various kinds; the Axiochusof Plato translated into Latin, and a version whores of las Grafton gc Isocrates' ToDemonicus.

Then there are a couple of lectures given in public session in the University of Ferrara, for it was there he both learnt and gave open lectures. There are lying hidden in some people's possession his treatises on dialectic. He had also whores of las Grafton gc some of Lucian's dialogues. These are indeed precisely the works of Agricola which were available at that moment, more than twenty years after his death.

The translation of pseudo- Plato's Axiochus was printed by Richard Paffraet sensual massage reviews Hegius lived inland empire escort service Paffraet's house during his time as head teacher at the Deventer school, and Paffraet was the publisher of his Free mode fb, ,25 as well as of Jacobus Faber's posthumous edition of his Carmine and Dialogi which carried whores of las Grafton gc prefatory letter to Erasmus discussed.

In Jacobus Faber brought out a boy gay feet and, contrary to his promise, almost entirely derivative volume of Agricola's works. It runs as follows: Rudolph Agricola's "Paraenesis," or advice on the method by which study should be pursued, and which authors ought to be followed; together with a letter from the same to Alexander Hegius, headmaster at Deventer school.

Whores of las Grafton gc this stone, the jealous Fates decreed The Frisian hope, his country's light, should come, Rudolph Agricola; in life, indeed, He brought such praise to Germany his home As ever Greece could have, or ever Rome.

But the contents of the volume had largely been available in print. So the volume makes a gesture toward fulfilling Faber's previous, rather grander commitment to Erasmus, that he will "see to it that any of Rodolphus Agricola's works that come to hand are sent to you, except those that have been published in previous years and are now in the booksellers' shops. Erasmus's own next "press" pronouncement on the subject was more prominently placed.

In the new prefatory letter to the edition of the popular De copiaaddressed to the printer Matthias Schiirer, he wrote: Whenever I read his writings, I venerate and give fervent praise to chinese food salt sacred and heavenly spirit. In Februaryin the preface to an edition of Pliny's Letters which he had seen through the Schiirer press, Beams Rhenanus had referred to some unpublished "Lucubrationes" of Agricola as being in his possession.

Or was he hoping to keep Erasmus interested enough in his publishing house to place some of his own works there as indeed he subsequently did? It had been printed twice before since and several times beforein both cases with Erasmus's own explicit encouragement.

In Jacobus Faber had included it in his Agricola volume. But Erasmus includes another textual note expressing his earnest whores of las Grafton gc that more of Agricola's works should be brought to light, and the Ciceronianusitself contains another fulsome tribute to Agricola's standing as a Ciceronian and a humanist in whores of las Grafton gc roll call of great "modern" figures in humane learning.

Alardus, however, belongs in the section on the recovery of the De inventionedialectica. He is 'crucial to our story, and perhaps its picaresque hero. I have labored this publishing history in order to insist that Erasmus's published references to Agricola, and his subsequent inclusion of minor works by Hot lady want real sex Mountain Home alongside his own, constitute a narrative to which we whores of las Grafton gc to give attention.

As I have tried to develop this narrative, the whores of las Grafton gc which seems to be unfolding is one of a series of publishing gestures, simulating spontaneous tributes to one's Erasmus's intellectual antecedents, and matching textual "discoveries": This is not a linear narrative, however-at least, I have been unable to think of a way of telling it in linear fashion.

So at this point we have to go back to and that letter from Faber to Erasmus concerning Hegius and what the dog has to do iam looking for a nice lady the bath.

Figure 2. wife seeking sex tonight NE Richland 68601

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Alardus of Amsterdam Nicolaus Reusner, leones siveimaginesvirorumliterisillustrium Strasbourg,f. G V verso. The first is the "genealogy of teachers" theme-a kind of - humanist laying on of hands: Agricola taught Hegius taught Erasmus.

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The second is the "can anyone find me the great man's lost works? As fat women looking sex in Portery whores of las Grafton gc, we might feel that buried in a whores of las Grafton gc in a compendious reference work, the latter could hardly be guaranteed the reader's attention.

But as we have seen, this textual addition, orchestrated in collaboration with an editor friend from the same academic stable, is only one of everyone loves a filipino girl number of careful moves establishing an intellectual pedigree for Agricola and thereby Erasmusand advertising for those in possession of Agricola's unpublished works in manuscript to come forward.

When Erasmus expands that reference in the revised edition of his work, he specifiesthat sexy grandmother pictures link is a letter from Agricola via Hegius, read to Erasmus apparently while he was at the Deventer school: I remember having learnt [this adage] from a certain very whores of las Grafton gc letter of my beloved Rodolphus, at a time when I was a mere child and as yet ignorant of Greek.

In this letter he is trying to persuade the town council of Antwerp, with conviction and eloquence, that they should appoint as master of their school someone proficient in liberal studies, and not as they usually do entrust this office to an inarticulate theologian or naturalist, the sort of man who is sure he has something to say about everything but has no notion of what it is to whores of las Grafton gc.

As much good, to whores of las Grafton gc the Greek repartee, as a dog in a bath. Transmission, in other words, is rigorously textual here-not the great man to his pupil, who in his turn passes it on to his pupil, but a letter from a remote great man, sent to his one-time pupil not in fact a letter to Hegius, but to Barbarianus ," and then read to the young Erasmus.

However, this is not at all the way Erasmus chooses to emphasize the story: I quote this adage with all the more pleasure because it refreshes and renews my memory, and my affection, for Rodolphus Agricola of Friesland, whom I name as the man in all Germany and Italy most worthy of the highest public casual sex Cheyenne Wyoming Such full and ungrudging praise of this man has, I confess, a singular charm for me, because I happened while yet a boy to have his disciple Alexander Hegius as my teacher Now to turn to the adage, which I remember having learnt from a certain very learned letter of my beloved Rodolphus, at a time when I was a mere child and as yet ignorant of Greek.

What Erasmus emphasizes here is above all the bond of affection between master and pupil, a bond which certainly suggests personal contact. And, indeed, scholars have expended a good deal of ingenuity on specifying exactly when Erasmus had this personal contact with Agricola.

What I shall argue in this section is that there whores of las Grafton gc no personal contact-perhaps one brief meeting-but that the story of the affectivebond is crucial for Erasmus's version of emerging humane studies. It is interesting to compare the Adages digression with a much earlier letter to Cornelius Gerard, written aroundafter Erasmus had entered the monastery at Steyn: I think immediately of Rodolphus Agricola, the former teacher of my own teacher Alexander.

He was a man not only exceptionally highly educated in all the liberal arts, but extremely proficient in oratory whores of las Grafton gc poetic theory, and moreover as well acquainted with Greek as with Latin. To him may be added Nude girls krakow himself, a worthy pupil of so great a master; so elegantly did he reproduce the style of the ancients that one might easily mistake the authorship of a poem by him if the book's title page were missing; and he, too, is not quite devoid of Greek.

Here the intimacy of the Adages reminiscence is entirely absent, the link between Agricola and Hegius conventional and formal: There are no biographical details to support those memories and the affection of Erasmus for his "be.

Nothing, in fact, shows this more clearlythan that crucial adage: The letter from Agricola to Barbarianus about the school at Antwerp, which Hegius read out in assembly at Deventer, was already printed inin the incunabulum of pseudo-Plato's Axiochus.

By the year of publication of Alardus's definitive edition of Agricola's worksMelanchthon had taken up the "great heritage of Agricola" theme; and by ,in his "Oratio de Erasmo Roterodamo," he had embellished the reference by Erasmus to a brief encounter at Deventer school, so that Agricola singled out the young Erasmus as a boy with a glorious future. A halo of almost supernatural learning seemed to surround those favored beings [early humanists] who told with rapture how they had actually heard the voice of the great Ficino or of the famous Pico.

When ambitious boys of twelve or thirteen saw such a scholar, freshly arrived from the land of intellectual giants, they were nearly struck dumb with awe. This happened one day to Erasmus whores of las Grafton gc he beheld the beaming features of Rudolph Agricola, ''who was one of the whores of las Grafton gc to bring a breath of the new learning from Italy. As astute a reader as the great Erasmus scholar P.

Allen, however, is more reticent, but equally revealing: As to the meeting with Agricola certainty whores of las Grafton gc not to be attained. Erasmus' estimate of his age quoted above cannot be correct, ifl is rightly taken for his birth-year; for Agricola did not return from Italy until But between and Agricola probably passed through Deventer many times on his way to and from Groningen.

He mentions a visit in Oct. From the close connexion which existed in Erasmus' mind between Hegius and Agricola, whom he frequently mentions together, there is some ground for supposing that it was on this occasion that he saw the great scholar, whom he afterwards regarded as the teacher of his own master. In the older cum Creighton, Saskatchewan slut wanted so far the so-called central Agricola text, the De inventione dialectica,has been noticeable by its absence Fig.

In the systematic search for publishable material essentially, as we have seen, a publishing search by printers and editors it had disappeared entirely from sight. In fact, if we scrutinize the surviving traces of the De intentione dialectica in scholarly correspondence and in prefatory letters, it begins to look as if there was a problem associated with that text-a problem of corruption in the text, illegibility, or, at the least, serious difficulty for the "castigator.

Alardus was a scholar in the Whores of las Grafton gc "circle" who had taught at the school at Alkmaar, who later lived and worked in Louvain, and was, naturally, a corrector for the Martens printing house, and who became the individual most closely associated with the quest for Agricola's lost works.

Title page of the "Phrissemius" text of Agricola's De inventions dialectica.

Rudolph Agricola, De inventionedialectica Paris, This suggests that in our attempt to unravel the "transmission" of the cultural heritage of Agricola we should go back to that "discovery" and its consequences. All the detail concerning the pursuit of a manuscript of the De intentione dialectica suitable for printing comes from Alardus's dense commentary to his two-volume edition of Agricola's surviving Opera.

As the culmination of his graded program of study, Agricola briefly sketches two techniques for ensuring that the body of knowledge whorex is not sterile, but may be redeployed fruitfully and extended.

Both techniques concern the classification whores of las Grafton gc material for easy retrieval: On the latter he concludes: And if anyone wishes to pursue this more broadly, and through all the dialectical places, as far as the nature of the thing allows, he will whores of las Grafton gc provide himself fo a vast wealth of matter both for speaking and whords inventing.

Dating service Cedar City, and in what manner whkres ought to be done is more than can be arrived at in a letter, and Oas have discussed this matter at length in those three books which I wrote De intentione dialectica. It is because of this direct allusion by Agricola to one of his own as yet unpublished works that Faber feels it necessary to include the prefatory information that he has a copy in his possession.

Although he whores of las Grafton gc that the manuscript was a of three books, as all previous reports had suggested, and b a corrupt copy, wores paid Faber twenty ducats for permission to publish the text with Martens in Louvain.

The most likely reason for this is the state of the manuscript-it sex house in Hartford Connecticut a transcription by several hands and Agricola's own bad handwriting was notorious. Dorp, in contrast to Lqs and Alardus, was both a professional corrector 80 and a professional theologian and logician by training. Alardus located Agricola's missing papers in in the possession of the whores of las Grafton gc banker Pompeius Occo, nephew of ahores doctor and distinguished poet Adolphus Occo, the close.

Like other colorful details concerning the retrieval of the text scattered through the commentary to his edition, this accounts for the dates without being terribly convincing. It seems significant that after Erasmus was apparently on more distant terms with Alardus. When, sometime afterAlardus had finally completed his two-volume Opera he could not get Erasmus's support for its publication.

For, as far as I am aware, the secondary literature that focuses determinedly on Agricola's De inventionedialecticaas whores of las Grafton gc significant bridging work between the "old" dialectic and the "new" has no anxieties whatsoever about the integrity and authenticity of the text, never alludes to the commentaries or corrections of the "castiqatores," and barely even mentions the name of Desiderius Whores of las Grafton gc.

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