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A group of four Iranian women living in London have nude persian women persiaj topless in condemnation of Islamic oppression of women, focusing on Iran. I also could no longer tolerate living in an Islamic country as a woman.

The government even controls your sex life. Or if you refuse to have sex with your husband, you can also be punished. Comprised of short, black-and-white cuts, the Nude persian women video, produced in Great Britain and available hereemphasizes the project's purpose with brief utterances, subtitled gay twink submissive English: For any woman, standing topless for the world requires courage.

Notes one participant, Elia Tabesh, as quoted persixn France For these women, the choice to stand bare literally means risking their lives. They should be applauded.

Author, writer, critic, nude persian women, chocoholic; I write about art, politics, and religion -- the things that people argue about at cocktail parties -- in the belief that d Abigail R. I write qomen art, politics, freedom, and things that strike my fancy. Share to facebook Share to twitter Share to linkedin. Image via Wikipedia.

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